A noun is a name of someone/something which denotes a particular person/thing. It always begins with a capital letter.

Noun can be a/an –  

  • Person – a name for a person: – Max, Julie, Catherine, Michel, Bob, etc.
  • Animal – a name for an animal: – dog, cat, cow, kangaroo, etc.
  • Place – a name for a place: – London, Australia, Canada, Mumbai, etc.
  • Thing – a name for a thing: – bat, ball, chair, door, house, computer, etc.
  • Idea – A name for an idea: – devotion, superstition, happiness, excitement, etc.

Different Types of Noun:

Proper Noun:

proper noun is a name which refers only to a single person, place, or thing and there is no common name for it. In written English, a proper noun always begins with capital letters.


  • Melbourne (it refers to only one particular city), Steve (refers to a particular person),
  • Alex is a wonderful player.
  • He plays for Sydney Sixers.
  • He was born in England.
  • He moved to Australia when he was young.
  • He lives in Sydney.
  • He plays for Kolkata in IPL.
  • He plays for Dhaka in BPL.
  • Michael Clarke is his mentor.
  • He has a house across the Georges River.
  • He goes for a walk by the river every Monday.
  • His friend Max accompanies him.
  • Max was born in South Africa.
  • He is a fan of Hugh Jackman and the movie Wolverine.
  • He has a dog named Poppy.

Common Noun:

A common noun is a name for a type of thing, person, species, or etc. which denotes a general name for something.

Example of Common Noun:

  • Alex is a wonderful player.
  • Sydney Sixers is the team he plays for.
  • He was not born in this country.
  • Sydney is the city he lives in.
  • He is a man of dream. 
  • He plays cricket with intensity.
  • Michael Clarke is his mentor.
  • He has a house across the river.
  • He goes for a walk by the river every day.
  • His friend accompanies him.
  • They talk about movies and celebrities.
  • He is a fan of Hugh Jackman and the movie Wolverine.
  • He has a dog named Poppy.
  • He has a house and a car also.

Material Noun:

A material noun is a name for something which is tangible.

Example of Material Noun:

  • I have a cricket bat in my closet.
  • The bat is made of wood from a tree.
  • My brother has a mobile phone.
  • The phone is made of plastic and metal.
  • I need some water for the cake.
  • The jug is on the table.
  • There is also a pen and a diary on it.
  • The pen is out of ink.
  • Your shirt has a button short.
  • This ring is made of gold and diamond.
  • The bricks are loose on this wall.

Abstract Noun:

An abstract noun is a name for something which is intangible.

Example of Abstract Noun:

  • Truthfulness is a virtue that is rare nowadays.
  • Honesty depends mostly on truthfulness and integrity.
  • Childhood is the best time to build it.
  • Different people may have different ideasopinions, and beliefs.
  • But some virtues receive universal acknowledgment.
  • Courage, bravery, honesty, intelligence, perseverance, etc. are the best of virtues.
  • Kindness, fidelity, justness, faithfulness, optimism, etc. are also good virtues.
  • There are also some commonly acknowledged vices.
  • Dishonesty, treachery, infidelity, brutality, pessimism, etc. are some of the vices.
  • Hatred, malice, vengefulness, cruelty, spitefulness, etc. are some negative qualities.

Countable Noun:

A noun which can be counted in cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3 . . .) is called a countable noun.

Example of Countable Noun:

  • I bought a book of neurology.
  • The book has 269 pages in it.
  • It has 39 chapters in it.
  • Each chapter covers 5 topics.
  • Alex has four pencils.
  • He also has three erasers.
  • He has a car.
  • The car contains four seats.
  • He had a cat when he was young.
  • The cat used to eat a cookie every day.
  • I have a phone, few books, a notepad, a table-calendar, and a computer on my desk.
  • I love to listen to songs when I work.
  • How many times did I tell you to do this?
  • I did it many times when I was young.
  • Bring me a glass of water.

Uncountable Noun:

A noun that cannot be counted with the cardinal numbers is called an uncountable noun.

Example of Uncountable Noun:

  • I need some drinking water.
  • Have some juice, please.
  • Do you need some gas for your car?
  • We need a lot of money for the business.
  • Do you want some milk?
  • I need some ricebaconcream, and oil.
  • Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning?
  • Can you please check the salt of the curry?
  • I would like to have some beer after lunch.
  • How much time do you need?
  • I need some more time.
  • Bring me a cup of soup.
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